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"Lipstick and paint makes a man what he ain't"

My Farewell Speech as Best Actress of the Washington Academy's Inc.

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My Farewell Speech as Best Actress of the Washington Academy's Inc.
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Where to begin!..There are so many people I’d like to acknowledge that have lent me their support this year and the years leading to this moment. First and foremost – Lala Maharis- it was his wish for me to receive this title someday and when we found out I was to be the 46th Best Actress we had long talks about what it would take to carry it. Although he had passed a few months before I received the title, I will never forget the words he once told me. “Never let anyone tell you that you are unworthy of the title, hold you your head high and with dignity at all times and most of all do it your way”. I hope I’ve done just that.


To Kerri and Garnet, mire words are not enough to say how I feel. Thank you for seeing the real me and taking the chance to help guide me further down my path and to always guide me in the right direction. You truly are great people and I’m honored to now officially be a member of the Blake family. To my Miss Gay America sister Kimberly Novak- Once again you’ve shown your generosity to me as you have throughout the years. My thanks to Ken and Chip Dennis for making sure if I had I needed and for always showing me so much love and support, it is something I will always be grateful for.  Veronica, thanks for all the many little things I sometimes over looked that you made sure I had….hair, jewels, and for doing our bid music all three years as well as our entrance fanfare.


To Jeffrey (Bald man 1), you’ve been there for many years, seem many things, but one thing has remained the same. Your ever lasting support and love; I will always be grateful for friendship and know no matter where you go, you will have a place in my heart forever. My dear Tula, who’d of thought we’d become so close these past two years, thank you for ALWAYS having my back. To Vickii Voxx, the hair goddess, bless you for making taking my visions and bringing them to life.  To Kiko of Markim Creations and Wally for making the most beautiful gowns a girl could ask for.


To Mame Dennis, your wisdom is beyond belief, thank you for always having the faith in me that I sometimes didn’t know I had. I hope I’ve carried the title of Best Actress as you know it should be carried. Thanks also to Jericho, Jymmye, Bradley Jaymes and my cast mates @ T O W N, Thank you for giving me the support and love!


To my critics, I say thank you. You only made me stronger and more determined to prove you wrong.

To those who believed in me, I’m blessed you had the faith to believe and know I could carry the title with as it should be carried. To all those I’ve forgotten to mention, please know it’s not my intention to leave anyone out. THANK YOU to all those I’ve not mentioned. You know who you are and I’ll always be grateful to you for everything. 

 To my understudies – Ann C. Michaels and Shelby Stephyns- I couldn’t have made it without your help. It wasn’t always easy, but we made it through. Thank you for always taking care of the little things. No matter where you go, you’ll always be Momma’s girls.


To my Best Actor-Jack Kazan; thank you for intrusting me as your Best Actress. I’m grateful for the trust that WE would be a team and that we were! We did have our moments, but we got through them.

May you always remember-”Tonight”.


Finally to my husband Brad,

What can I say that I’ve not said to you already?

you are the light of my life. I may have held the title of Best Actress, but it was you that held me up when I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Your love and truly unconditional support is really what made me the best I could be.

Thank you and remember, you have my heart and affection; now and forever. 

I love you honey!


With Love and Admiration,


The 46th Best Actress of the Washington Academy's


Blair Michaels


Photo by Todd Franson - Metroweekly magazine

Photo by Todd Franson - Metro Weekly Magazine -