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"Lipstick and paint makes a man what he ain't"

My interview with Shaina Wemsly of the University of Maryland
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My Farewell Speech as Best Actress of the Washington Academy's Inc.
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Welcome to Blair
It's just an illusion!

Photographer: James Hicks

I'm originally from  Bowie, Maryland and having lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego; I now reside in Buffalo, New York. I am an accomplished female impersonator celebrating 30years as a female impersonator with many years of travels and experiences.
I live happly together with the love of my life my husband of 22years, Brad. We have two children (4 legged ones) a cat ( Bowser) and princess LIZA!..yes Liza. We did a rescue adoption and that was her about fate. Shes is a Golden Terrier Mix.
I've been honored to win so many titles and receive so much wonderful recognition for my charity work that if I listed them you'd be reading a novel, But here is JUST a few..

These are some of my favorite titles and honors:

Miss Show Queen of San Diego  / 1989

*Imperial Crystal Butterfly Crown Princess for Life XVIII (18) 

I was honored and recognized by the State of California's State Assembly for my charity work for the many fundraising events  I put on and money raised / 1990

Miss Remington's / 1995

Miss Gaye USA-DC /1995 -(The Washington Academy's)

Miss Mardi Gras /1996

Recipient of the "People Who Make A Difference" award. 
Presented by Terrific Inc / Grandma's House @ the Royal Netherlands Embassy / 1996

Miss Gay Zodiac - DC / 1996 - (The Washington Academy's)

Miss Gaye America-DC / 1998 - (The Washington Academy's)

Miss Badlands 1999 (now APEX)

Miss Capital Pride 1999

Miss Gay Delaware and Regional 2001 

Miss Ziegfeld 2002

Miss Gay Dreamgirl 2003

The 46th Best Actress of the Washington Academy's

Metro Weekly - Capital Pride Cover Girl / 2007

Voted BEST DRAG in Washington, D.C. / 2008

"Capital Pride Hero" award  Recipient  / 2009
The list goes on and on, but thought you'd like a taste. It's such a blessing to know that when you do good things, good things happen to you.:)
I've worked all over the United States and a brief stint in London, England. It has been a blast. I will continue to entertain and lend my hand to those who can't do for themselves!

I am currently a freelance make-up artist /  pageant consultant and an entertainer. I'd have to say that doing the Make-up and Hair for the 2005 Miss USA pageant was one of the highlights or my career. Not to be out done, I've also done hair and make-up for MANY Miss America contestants as well. Including Miss America 2010 Caressa Cameron. I LIVE for pageants, of ANY kind! 
I constantly raise money for various charites all across the country. Weather it's a charity like Whitman Walker Clinic or Granma's House in Washington, D.C.  to The National Pediatric AIDS foundation.
No charity is to small.  I'm humbled to be able to help raise money for those in need. I always will and as long as possible will keep on doing just that, not because I feel I have to. But because I WANT to and LOVE to lend a hand to those in need.
Over the span of 30years I've helped raise more than $1.6 million dollars for charities all across the country. The people who've help me accomplish this are amazing people and I am proud to lend my support to anyone who needs it. My thanks for your love and support!
I do travel ALOT, so please e-mail me if you'd like to have me at your club, party or whatever. We'll discuss the details when you write!
Well that's a little about myself. I hope you enjoy my site and PLEASE do sign the guest book and leave your feedback. I'm most appreciative of positive comments. 

*I have been affilated with the International Court Systems since the early 80's. Starting in San Francisco. My lifetime time was presented to my by Empress XVIII(18) Jennifer -de San Diego. She passed away during her reign and as crown princess I had the pleasure of accompanying Emperor XVIII - Ron to many coronations and events.
I am also extremely proud to say that I am one of the legal co-founders of the The Imperial Court of Washington, D.C. Inc. and excited to watch it grow. It is now in very good hands and I wish them nothing but the best.


The BEST of GAY DC 2008 awards

The BEST of GAY DC Awards were presented for 2008 to many people and businessess. I'm VERY honored to have won " The BEST DRAG in DC" award along with DJ Wess as "BEST DJ in DC (that's us on the cover of Out in DC). It's also very humbling to know that Town Dance Boutique took home 5 other awards as well, for Best Party, Club, Local Hero -owner Ed Bailey, Place to meet men and my other personal favorite 
"BEST DRAG SHOW IN DC" - The Ladies of Town

Thank you to the readers of the Washington Blade for this wonderful honor! We appreciate being singled out at 

Metroweekly Magazines - Capital Pride 2007 Issue
How better to kick off my 25th Anniversary as a female impersonator!

46th Best Actress of the Washington Academys, Inc.

Photo by Brad Michaels - Gown by Markim Creations - Earrings by Made for a

My 1998 Casual promo headshot
Photographer: Annie A. , Hair: Teri Santana

Creative Mardi Gras Costume
Miss Mardi Gras pageant 1997